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Estate Planning & Wills

The purpose of this page is to help families and individuals plan for their retirement years and for the handling of their assets and liabilities upon death.

Do you have a will?

Are you aware that a will, even though you may have few assets, may save your heirs many problems upon your death?

Are you familiar with a living will and healthcare power of attorney?

Do you need a power of attorney?

What will happen to your minor children should you pass away?

Are your assets protected from probate?

Have you prepared your estate to avoid as much tax as possible?

Have you considered whether you need a trust?

Did you know there are various types of trusts that can benefit you and protect your assets?

If you would like to discuss any of these matters please contact Aaron Miller Law Office at (740) 282-2676. I look forward to meeting you.
Recent posts


The cost of divorces and dissolutions, particularly those involving children, are quite costly at most law offices.  There are a number of reasons for the high costs.  For example, the lawyers may simply want to fight with one another in order to increase attorneys fees and expenses.  Or, the parties may want to fight over miniscule items or matters that are ultimately governed by the property division statute.  Finally, one or both parties may simply just be unreasonable when it comes to parental rights and responsibilities, child support, parenting time, or other issues that are always governed by statute specifically or general local rules of court.

My approach to helping you terminate your marriage is to approach the financial and property issues as if you were terminating a partnership.  The Ohio Revised Code works like a partnership agreement and very clearly describes how property is to be divided.  Thus, I take an honest and cost saving approach to help you resolve financial m…


The idea of proceeding to trial in a criminal case, either misdemeanor or felony, seems to be a dying concept in the modern law practice.  Prosecutors are overworked as well as their counterparts, the public defenders.  Private attorneys, who accept court-appointed cases for indigent defendants, often are too busy with their private clients that proper care and preparation just doesn't take place for the poor.  Therefore, the plea bargain has become king even in cases that should be tried.

Thus, the following is a list of questions to ask your lawyer in order to determine whether your case is being properly handled:

1.  Have you filed for discovery in my case so that I can know what evidence the State or Government has against me?

2.  Have you reviewed all of the evidence?

3.  What conflicts exist in the evidence?  For example, did one police officer say one thing and another officer say something different?

4.  Did you get the transcripts from my preliminary hearing?  Have you re…